Ester, Plasticizer obtained by reaction of Trimellitic Anhydride with 2-Ethylhexanol.


Appearance   Clear,Colorless liquid
Odor   Characteristic
Molecular Weight   546.79 g/Mol
Water Concentration   Max. %0,10 (ASTM E 203)
Viscosity   272 mPa.s (20 ˚C) (ASTM D 7042)
Density   0,986 – 0,994 g/cm3 (20 ˚C) (ASTM D 4052)
Refractive Index   1,4820 - 1,4860 (20 ˚C) (ASTM D 1045)
Acid Index   Max. 0.1 mg KOH /g (ASTM D 1045)
Flash Point   Min. 240˚C (ASTM D 92 Open Cup)
Chemical Formula   C33 H54 O6
Color (Hazen)   Max. 50 (ASTM D 5386)


Copolymer used in all applications of PVC resin and a plasticizer. Tools for applications requiring insulation Gaskets, Automotive internal electrical parts, wire and cable insulation, vinyl compounds.


  • TOTM does not contain, mainly restricted or prohibited in the European Union countries Esters of ortho-phthalate-free.
  • TOTM high boiling point and a plasticizer with good low-temperature performance. Therefore, resistance to degradation at temperatures between large shows.
  • TOTM is a material highly resistant to chemical agents and against external influences of sunlight, and therefore the effect of processing of light resistance to yellowing.
  • TOTM such as high dielectric insulation for applications requiring resistance value, and in particular at 105 ° C (cable) is used.
  • TOTM for polymeric plasticizers used as plasticizers in a complementary and a good alternative for Dioctyl Sabecate.
  • TOTM high volatility resistance, especially at high temperature applications prefer for minimum Fogging (smoke) and at the low temperature prefer for cold cracking resistance such as automotive applications.
  • TOTM 210 ° C, 4 h acid vapor is able to resist
  • Does not lead to any changes in the chemical structure of the polymer.
  • Generally Jelly all the polymeric materials.