Ester, plasticizer obtained by the reaction of Phthalic Anhydride with Isononyl Alcohol.


Appearance   Clear, colorless liquid.
Odor   Characteristic
Molecular Weight   418.6 g/mol
Water Concentration   Max. %0,05 (ASTM E 203)
Viscosity   70-80 mPa.s (20 ºC) (ASTM D 7042)
Density   0,970 - 0,974 g/cm3 (20 ºC) (ASTM D 4052)
Refractive Index   1,4830 - 1,4870 (20 ˚C) (ASTM D 1045)
Acid Index   Max. 0.07 mg KOH /g (ASTM D 1045)
Flash Point   Min. 205 ˚C (ASTM D 92 Open Cup)
Chemical Formula   C6H4( COOC9H19 )2
Color (Hazen)   Max. 30 (ASTM D 5386)


Used as a softener in all PVC paste and pulp mixtures. Used in all calendaring systems, automotive sector, cable production, synthetic leather production, bookbinding fabric production, PVC and Floor Covering production.


  • It allows a paste with a lower viscosity compared to DOP.
  • It extends service life of plastic goods since it features less migration.
  • It provides volume advantage since its density is less than DOP.
  • It provides longer storage periods of PVC pastes at the same viscosity levels.
  • Its use is not restricted according to Reach Registration.
  • It provides electrical resistance.
  • It does not cause any changes in the chemical structure of the polymer.
  • It provides required changes in physical and mechanical properties.
  • It jellifies easily and quickly all polymeric substances in general.
  • It provides obtaining a product with required elasticity.