Ester, free phthalate plasticizer, plasticizer obtained by the reaction of Terephthalic Acid and 2-Ethylhexanol.


Appearance   Clear, Colorless Liquid
Odor   Slight odor, Typical
Molecular Weight   390 g/Mol
Water Concentration   Max. %0,05 ( ASTM D 1364 )
Viscosity   86-94 cp ( 20 ˚C )( ASTM D 1045 )
Density   0,980 – 0,985 g/cm3 ( 20 ˚C ) ( ASTM D 1045 )
Refractive Index   1,4830 - 1,4890 ( 20 ˚C ) ( ASTM D 1045 )
Acid Index   Max. 0.1 mg KOH /g ( ASTM D 1045 )
Flash Point   Min. ( 210˚C ) ( ASTM D 1045 )
Chemical Formula    (C6H4 ) ( COOC8H17 )2
Color (Hazen)   Max. 30 Hazen


Used as a softener in all PVC paste and pulp mixtures. Used in all calendaring systems, automotive sector, cable production, synthetic leather production, bookbinding fabric production, PVC floor cloth production, production of goods not containing phthalate (toy sector, bookbinding fabric production, production of some hoses, table cloth, etc.), PVC door mat production, tarpaulin production.


  • DOTP (Dioctyl Terephthalate) does not contain esters of ortho-phthalate which are banned or restricted.
  • Based on technical data gives better results than the equivalent products.
  • In comparison to other phthalate products gives the best results economically.
  • Does not lead to any changes in the chemical structure of the polymer.
  • Provides the desired change in the physical and mechanical properties.
  • Generaly all the polymeric materials can expand easily and quickly.
  • Prevent cracks in lac application, increases durability, provides a smooth surface.
  • Provides elasticity in the desired product.
  • Provides electrical resistance.